Making the complex approachable is a staple of my reporting career. Combined with a deep curiosity about the science of the natural world, it’s landed my byline on several pieces of scientific journalism. Creating a career on this beat inspired me to enroll in my current Environmental Science and Natural Resources Journalism graduate program.


Motivation to Map

The capstone of my time as an IEEE Earthzine Science Writing Fellow tackles the question of why researchers and engineers are pushing for better ocean floor maps even though we’ve mapped it all.

Seeking Sheep

A feature covering the live capture of bighorn sheep in Montana’s Upper Missouri River Breaks for a research study on what makes a successful herd.

Predators as Population Control

Tiger muskies were introduced to a local irrigation dam, a favorite fishing hole. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks hopes the unique new predator will keeping fishing good.

The Mite of a Might

Farmers hate hail: It literally crushes crop. The aftermath can introduce another threat, though, one uniquely adapted to make its home on wheat.

A Story in a (Lady) Slipper

Montana isn’t usually associated with orchids, but this particular variety is unique, delicate and mysterious.

Ag Research Center Embraces Soil Microbiology

The local agricultural research center is often recognized for what they’ve got going on above the ground, but now they’re embracing the soil itself with a new program and a new staff member.

Bees, Hives Hit by Fire

The Lodgepole Complex Fire was Montana’s largest wildfire in 2017, and hit local ranchers hard. The 423-square-mile burn hurt another kind of livestock, though: bees.

City Come Coliform Clean

Residents of Lewistown, Montana, kept receiving coliform notices in the mail. So what is coliform, and how does it affect people connected to the city’s water?

A Marine Discovery in Montana

From a hunter’s chance discovery in the fall of 2010 to the classification of a new genus in 2017, it took a team of people to bring this marine reptile to light.