Dealing with Drift

There’s a growing number of organic farmers in Montana, but the state is still dominated by pesticide reliant farms. What are the financial and social consequences when those chemicals end up on organic crops?

Undersized Infrastructure for Human Waste

An entire valley is relies almost exclusively on individual septic tanks and a single city’s wastewater treatment plant. Is this really a viable long-term solution?


Opinion: State Funding Choices Cripple Wildlife Agency

Funding decisions by the state legislature legally limited how many hours state game wardens can do their work. How this happened, and the effects on the ground.

Rural Town Loses Drinking Water

Breaking news coverage of the complete loss of drinking water in a rural Montana town over 40 miles away from the nearest bottled water.

The Work Behind the Water

After years of coliform notices, a Montana city works with state DEQ officials to chlorinate the bacterial issue infiltrating city infrastructure.

Two Grizzlies Euthanized in Central Montana

Breaking news coverage on the euthanization of two juvenile grizzlies that had wandered onto the plains of Central Montana.

Recycling Conflict

A followup on the breaking coverage of two euthanized grizzlies tracks the bodies as they’re pieced out and repurposed into educational tools for the state wildlife agency.

Waiting for Answers

When Montana doesn’t have a state medical examiner, its residents feel the effects in sometimes devastating ways.

All In or All Out

ADA regulations for public websites were created to give everyone equal access, but what happens when small, rural schools can’t afford to bring their websites up to compliance?